[TZ 21] Kili flight preparations

The second container has arrived and we have spent the day with the final preparations. We have refueled the tanks and set up the oxygen equipment, all in good company and under a bright sun.

Now is everything ready for the big day, and if there are no surprises on weather conditions the flight will take place tomorrow!!

[TZ 21] Marangu

The group has arrived in Marangu, near the take-off area for the Kilimanjaro flight. After a nice meal we have moved to the take-off site to start preparing the balloons. The gas and the oxygen are on site, and one container has arrived.

The second container is still on its way, and since the weather forecast is favorable for Monday it has been decided to finish the preparations tomorrow morning. Now is time to rest and get ready for the Kilimanjaro flight on Monday!

[TZ 21] Arrival to Arusha

We have landed in Nairobi early in the morning and have been picked up by Savanna Expeditions. After having a nice breakfast we have crossed the border to Tanzania and we have finally arrived to Two Mountains Lodge in Arusha by lunchtime.

In the afternoon we have had the first briefing: there are several possible take-off fields for the Kilimanjaro flight and the balloons are expected to arrive in Arusha tomorrow.

We are all very excited to have arrived to Tanzania, for this was the first challenge. Also very happy to meet each other in such a lovely country!

[TZ 21] Final preparations

Already in Marangu with the final preparations and excited to meet the group on Friday. Looking for take-off fields for the Kilimanjaro flight, finalising the arrangements to fly in Ngorongoro area, and still some work to do like preparing the balloons.

Many thanks to Peter Chaga from Savanna Expeditions and all his team, to our good friend Jimmy Mkwawa, and also to the Authorities for their cooperation in what we are sure will be a successful event.

[TZ 21] Prologue

The starting date of the Tanzania Ultramagic Balloon Experience 2021 is getting close and all teams are very excited to participate!

The balloons were shipped end of September and are on their way to Tanzania, and the permits have been successfully managed with the Authorities with the great help of Jimmy Mkwawa.

We are sure it will be an incredible experience in this wonderful country that brings us so many memories.