ATTENTION: This advises are out of date. We’re working for update this to the new map tracking system. Thank you.

Some advises to see the balloon tracks  :

1) Tag of test flights will join all the tracks of the tests done until the start of the trip

2) Any track of a specific balloon or the vehicle can be shown or hidden pressing their icone on the right side

3) The track of the vehicle will be seen in all tags and show where we are approximately at that moment

4) The Aconcagua balloon is the only one with proper altitude and position every 2 minutes

5) All other tracks are every 10 minutes and have their real position 2D, but the altitude will be taken from the Aconcagua balloon. When landing will be their own landing. If Aconcagua lands first, they will stay 50 m over the ground until their final landing.

6) Every flight day will have a tag in the top. When pressing that tag can be seen the flight of all balloons that day

7) After 10th September will be possible to see repeated the flight accelerated. Not during the expedition

8) Buttons of googleearth allow to change view of the tracks and the area as usual