[TZ 21] Kilimanjaro flight

The day has started at 3am. We got at 4.45 to the launch site and the sky was cloudy. We have prepared the balloons before sunrise and has started to rain during the inflation.

We start to take off as soon as possible, knowing the sky is clear above the clouds. The first image of the Kilimanjaro is breathtaking.

Some pilots have been able to cross the main crater, and all balloons have approached both the Mawenzi and Kibo peaks.

The views were beautiful, the weather marvelous and warmer than expected, and everyone has enjoyed a safe flight and landing.

The retrieve has taken some time because of logistics but the atmosphere was relaxed and there were no hurries at all. It has been very emotional when we have all gathered at the meeting point.

We have finished at dinner time and we have celebrated with good catalan cava. We are all very excited for today’s success.