[ARG 19] Perito Moreno flight

Yesterday night all the teams joined in Kosten Aike Hotel, Calafate. Josep Ma did a general breafing at 10 pm sharing the difficulties of the few roads and coverage to do the rescue, to advise the drivers in taking care of the iced roads, and planned the perfect flight for the next day. Meteo was not promising and very changing inside the Park, but today was the best chance to try to fly near the glaciar Perito Moreno.

We arrived at the park entrance at 9:00, it was forbbiden to get in earlier as the Park is closed. We could enjoy a spectacular sunrise from there. It seemed it was the perfect day to fly close to the Perito Moreno, but once we got to the launch field it became more and more windy. We shared our thoughts in a first breafing at 11 am, where we decided that it was no safe enough to take off, we should wait.

There were strong turbulences. At last, around 12 pm top pilots decided that it was the perfect spot to take off. The first 5 balloons could take off from Perito Moreno Glaciar. During the inflation of other 3 balloons the snow, wind and the deep clouds invaded the Glaciar. We had to cancel the flight for the other balloons.

We had some difficulties in the rescue team to reach the balloons. It was a great help the use of Yellow Brick and flightpacktracker, an app that keeps the track of the flight and allows you to navigate to the landing area. Amazing pictures were taken during the flight.

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