The forecast was really good to have a pleasant flight at reasonably low speed to Slovenia, so we decided to fly together with Joan.

The prediction was perfect and at a speed around 40 Km/h and direction East or EastSouthEast we have done a very nice crossing of the Alps in direction to Lubjana.

As the speed was low enough , we had the opportunity to fly relatively low. So most of the time we were below 3000 m and just climbing to go more East sometimes to have nice mountains around.

Sometime very close to the mountain, but always having enough time to climb in case of any turbulence. We did not notice any in all the flight, so we could admire the beauty of this part of the Alps.

We found the radio did not charge well and we just had the walkie to contact Lubjana Airport when approaching. We could land still 30 Km before the airport, so it was not a problem.

You can find the shadow of our balloon in the picture.

We flew Joan, Jaume Cuatrecases, Jaume Ordi and myself and we had plenty of gas. 2×40+3×30+1×20 total 190 Kg. We flew almost 5 hours and spent 110 Kg including inflation, so we still had gas enough for about 4 hours. That means in case of trouble not finding before sunset a good spot for the retrieve car to arrive , we had gas enough for another flight next morning…. So we were flying very comfortable admiring the landscape. Here some pictures of today.

We found a nice field after flying some time near the ground.

We have had a nice dinner coming back in Bled in front of the lake and with a nice viewing of the castle in front. Here a picture with its reflection in the lake.


  1. Sounds fantastic! Well done! I am still dreaming of flying over the Alps one day! AND: I still need Slovenia in my log book! I read your books on Africa and enjoyed it very much. Thanks for your stories. keep going! Best wishes and safe flying Allie

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