More than 25 years experience in Balloons. Our brief History

We started flying balloons in 1978 with a used balloon. Straight after this we designed and built our own much bigger balloon for an expedition to Africa. This trip in 1980, lasting 11 months, involved 40 flights and was from Zanzibar (Tanzania) to Kisiangani (Zaire). After this trip we started designing and building an Ultralight aircraft and created Ultramagic S.A.

However during the Ultralight period, news had spread about our building a balloon for the Africa adventure and more and more people started asking if we could build one for them. We had the experience of building balloons still had the sewing machines and had the Aeronautical organisation, so for strategic reasons, Ultramagic Ultralights became ULTRAMAGIC BALLOONS.

This was the beginning of a long story and we have now built hundreds of balloons including many special shapes. The annual production has now increased to between 80 and 100 balloons with approximately 80% being for export. Exporting to every part of the world including Japan, North America, South America, Europe and of course where it all began, Africa. Ultramagic Balloons are now firmly established as one of the leading and largest balloon manufacturers in the world.

In 1993 we started a division for cold air inflatables which quickly became successful with over 4000 built to date. The annual production of inflatables is now averaging over 500. The business has carefully grown to accommodate its success and we now have over 40 qualified and dedicated staff working at our purpose built factory as well as having a worldwide network of dealers offering customer support.

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